Woman Power: Celebrating International Womens Day At The Mint

Maria del Pilar - photo by Donna Balancia
Maria del Pilar - photo by Donna Balancia
Todd N Todd photo by Donna Balancia
Todd N Todd photo by Donna Balancia

The Mint had its own version of International Women’s Day as four distinctly women-oriented bands took the stage.

Well, let’s say all four bands were influenced by women.  Three of the bands had women out front or playing in them.  One guy seemed to have issues with women and we got to hear him sing all about them. The dating mishaps, the skanky encounters and the desperation.

Todd, of Todd N Todd is a gifted guitarist who catches you off guard with his talent and outgoing nature.  But then he writes and performs these songs about women that no guy — apparently except him — would or should ever date.

One notable tune was Myra, which was originally written about someone else, Todd said in introducing the breakup-inspired retitling.  He renamed the song after the breakup with the subject.

And during his set he did make mention that some of the women in his audiences weren’t fond of his merch — or maybe the words to the songs — but the music does resonate with passion.  For that he is appreciated.

Campfire Cassettes photo by Donna Balancia
Campfire Cassettes photo by Donna Balancia

The Campfire Cassettes, who look so All-American — with Angie Parrish and her adorable poofy dress and black patent pumps — and her partner,  Jonathan Buchanan with his square-hair, cute-guy  style.  Drummer Bobby Woo keeps the pace as the group performs the quick-hit experiences life has dealt them.

Standing in the back of the room was a nice brunette gal who made mention that she went to high school with Parrish. “In Wisconsin.”

Ok, so that accounts for the apple pie appearance.

And that’s when the cute trio broke out into a rendition of “Fuck Me Like a Ukulele.”  One of the songs in a surprising and lively set.

In actuality, Buchanan’s history has led him to write to the quirky songs that illustrate everything from the pursuit of an amazing relationship to putting up with others’ faults.  The music is refreshing and the performances are fun and short — with most songs lasting about a minute and a half.

Maria de Pilar’s style was a bit different than the other bands that performed.  The petite brunette is a woman, and she did have a ukulele, but that’s where the similarity ends.  Her spicy Latina style gives the audience a little extra spice.

Maria del Pilar performs at The Mint  -- Photo by Donna Balancia
Maria del Pilar performs at The Mint — Photo by Donna Balancia

She has come up with a great mix — combining of 80s synth-pop with a look similar to that of Miami’s favorite daughter, Gloria Estefan, this talented songstress keeps the party rolling.

Her bandmates help make the sound a reality and add to the smiles and some theatrics.

del Pilar played some of the songs that have made her name among fans and newcomers alike. She recently issued a re-release of her album Songs + Canciones.

One of our favorites is Motivation .

Another woman-powered band, whose drummer banged out a ripping beat Saturday was the band, Nightime.  Drummer Alejandra Arellano said she loved to make music.

On her way out of the Mint, she said playing her drums the best she can was the least she could do.

After all, it was International Womens Day.