Heather Reid takes ‘Cross Words’ on the Road

Heather Reid California Rocker
Heather Reid East Coast Rocker Interview
Heather Reid East Coast Rocker
For Heather Reid, family comes first

Family Comes First for California Rocker

By DONNA BALANCIA in LOS ANGELES – Heather Reid’s new solo album Cross Words is an emotional map that takes us through her journey of new beginnings.  The music is so great, we want to go with her.

Reid, who was with the alt-punk band The Murmurs has started over again in many areas of her life.  Cross Words is about new beginnings, family and relationships.

“It’s a personal album, it’s about  the evolution of relationships and how pain is an important part of process. how we get to define what relationships look like, even in friendships.  So the album is about resilience.”

See the video for “Ivy” off Cross Words here

“I was going through a transition and a wide range of emotion and heartbreak,” Reid said. “So when I was writing these songs I was trying to figure things out on my own, the way I do that is through songwriting.  These songs are primarily about finding love and hope and dealing with a difficult situation. The pain is sometimes a necessary step and that’s where the songs came from on this album.”