Ehrlund Taps Momentum for US Sales

Momentum Audio Sales has added Swedish Microphone Manufacturer Ehrlund to their line of MI/Pro Audio products for distribution in the U.S. Ehrlund joins British audio manufacturer Audient, synthesizer makers Modal Electronics and Analogue Solutions, and German loudspeaker manufacturer EVE Audio under Momentum’s US distribution umbrella.

Based on more than 30 years of sound and recording research and development, Ehrlund Microphones are best known for their innovative triangular membrane capsule that reduces self-resonance and captures an extremely wide frequency range with little to no proximity effect.

“Ehrlund Microphones is proud to partner with Momentum Audio as our distributor for the US Market,” said Founder Göran Ehrlund. “John Devins and his team have a long history in microphone and pro audio sales and we are confident that together we will shake up the American market.

“We immediately felt that Momentum Audio understood the paradigm shift in how we capture sound with our triangular shaped membranes and our phase linear and silent electronics. We love making microphones and we have so much fun doing it that we wanted a partner that has the same energy for bringing unique and innovative products to their customers. We found that in Momentum Audio.”

DK Audio Video Decks Out Community College of Aurora

DK Audio Video supplied college - Photo courtesy of DK Audio Video
DK Audio Video supplied college – Photo courtesy of DK Audio Video

DK Audio Video is a company on a mission.

“A lot of schools, churches, and events centers in Colorado are pretty far behind in terms of audio technology,” says owner Lucas Lafferty. “We’re really trying to raise the bar and show people how far the technology has come.”

This summer, Lafferty got a call from Michael Pickering, Music Director at the Community College of Aurora. The college’s 140-seat Larry D. Carter Theater was in desperate need of an audio upgrade. Working with Marshank Group representative CJ Lewis, Lafferty put together a brand new sound reinforcement package for the venue featuring Powersoft’s powerful X4 amplifier.

Pickering wanted a system that would handle a wide range of music in their black box theater.

“They do everything from acting classes to live theater to concerts, with music ranging from EDM to piano and vocal, so we needed the power to deliver a deep low end but also the clarity for more dynamic content,” Lafferty says.

He immediately thought of the Powersoft X4, an amplifier he has specified before. “Our first Powersoft install was at St. Francis High School a couple years ago and I was really impressed with the X4’s clarity and DSP capabilities.”

Pickering and his staff were immediately impressed by what Lafferty and Lewis told him about the X4’s efficiency, knowing that its extremely nominal power draw would be a big money saver for the college, especially when Lafferty explained that it would take only one X4 to handle all the output he need for the system. After hearing more about the exceptional sound quality, the school was thoroughly convinced that Powersoft was the right choice.

Celine Dion, Fate/Grand Order Game Buoy Sony Earnings

Celine Dion by David Torcivia for California Rocker
Celine Dion by David Torcivia for

Celine Dion’s Encore Un Soir helped Sony Music division post solid profits for its second quarter. The music segment was a rare high point in the company’s earnings statement as Sony’s net income tumbled to $46 million, down from $322 million for the same period last year.

For the quarter ended Sept. 30, Sony showed an 11 percent decrease in sales overall compared with the same period last year, but the music division showed sales increasing 8 percent to $1.5 billion.

Operating income decreased to $453 million. The company says loss is attributable to the results of the semiconductor and component divisions.

The company said it took a $71 million charge from the impact related to earthquakes in the Kumamoto region in 2016.  Sony’s restructuring charges increased to $322 million related to the impairment and also the planned transfer of the battery business.

Music was the only bright spot for the company with sales increasing 8 percent to $1.5 billion. The increase was attributable to strong sales in the visual media and platform segment, which was merged with the music division.  Sales of Fate/Grand Order application powered the visual media and platform segment. Recorded music increased because of revenue generated by streaming music. Best-selling titles included Celine Dion’s Encore un Soir, Nogizaka46’s Hadashi de Summer and Kana Nishino’s Just Love.

The company said that the acquisition of Michael Jackson’s estate which was finalized last month cost $750 million.

Antelope Audio Introduces ‘Privilege Club’ for Customers

antelope-logo california rockerAntelope Audio, a leading interface company specializing in Field Programmable Gate Array-based vintage FX modeling, announced that it is offering a ‘Privilege Club’ for passionate musicians and fans of Antelope Audio. By joining the club at, customers can receive exclusive discounts, access to product premieres, and ‘behind the scenes’ information on Antelope Audio products.

To join the new Privilege Club, customers are simply required to fill out a short survey describing how they work and the kinds of products they use on a routine basis. In exchange for their time and membership, Antelope is offering a 10 percent discount coupon to customers who register between now and November 15th, 2016. The coupon can be used for direct purchases from Antelope, or for purchases completed through an Antelope Audio authorized dealer.

“We initiated the Privilege Club as a way to thank our loyal customers,” commented Marcel James, director of sales, U.S. for Antelope Audio. “Not only will we feature sale items and discounts, but there will also be special curated content and behind the scenes material from our expanding community of artists, producers and engineers.”

The Privilege Club site is active now, and discount coupons will be sent to registrants between now and November 15th, immediately following completion of the user survey.  For more information, please visit, or to learn more about Antelope Audio, please visit

Music Choice Sues Stingray For Patent Infringement

Music Choice has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Montreal-based Stingray alleging the Canadian company has lifted several of MC’s patented technologies. MC says Stingray is infringing on patents related to onscreen technology that show facts and visuals.

Stingray denies the allegations. MC is seeking an injunction to prevent Stingray from using the technology and monetary damages. Music Choice, owned by Comcast, Time Warner and Sony, said Stingray developed the features after it was allowed access to MC’s technology and distribution agreements to decide if it would acquire the U.S. company.

Universal Publishing Production Music Offers Composers New Tools with Music Gateway’s Private Network Solution

Universal Publishing Production Music, a leading music production company, is bringing its composers advanced tools through a new relationship with Music Gateway, a B2B platform designed to allow creative and music industry professionals to work together in a global capacity.

All UPPM composers of production music worldwide will now be able to access Music Gateway’s Private Network Solution, a niche project management tool built specifically for the music industry and the creative process between producers and composers submitting their music for review.

“Centralizing the way our music is curated and managed along the production process brings us significant organizational efficiency,” said Gary Gross, Worldwide President of UPPM. “It also allows us to share our global pool of composers across the creative territories and redirect valuable resource back to serving our clients. Through the use of Music Gateway’s solution there is a clearer communication and a greater collaboration across the management teams.”

Since developing Private Network Solution in December 2014, Music Gateway has been working closely with UPPM to customize the service to create the most advanced system to support UPPM composers’ needs.

With a customisable set up, the solution works for record labels, publishers, music supervisors and education, all of whom securely manage sync briefs, A&R projects and various creative processes. In order to provide UPPM composers with the highest level of security, the website also includes SSL encryption and is independently verified as cyber secure.