Cerny Brothers to release 'Looking for the Good Land' - Courtesy image

Cerny Brothers Take Listeners on Unforgettable Journey with ‘Looking For The Good Land’

By DONNA BALANCIA The Cerny Brothers bring a treasured piece of home with them on their musical Odyssey Looking For The Good Land. Bob and Scott Cerny take the listener on a long journey with the new […]


The Strands’ Debut Album ‘Freshly Cut’ Blends Jazz, Blues and Something Extra

By PATRICK O’HEFFERNAN Freshly Cut,  the debut full length album by The Strands, will not only excite their local following, but introduce the wider world to Amanda Campbell’s languid pop/jazz and incisive love lyrics that […]


Review: ‘Dance into the Desert’ by Heather Gruber A Loving Blueprint for Life

By DONNA BALANCIA Heather Gruber’s music brings reassurance and beauty into a hectic world. With her new full-length album Dance into the Desert, The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has put forth an eloquent and strong collection […]

Avicii performs in ‘Avicii: True Stories'

Review: Netflix Doc on Swedish DJ, ‘Avicii: True Stories’ is a Cold Night’s Tale 

By DONNA BALANCIA It’s a heartbreaking story of one of the world’s most beloved DJs, Avicii, in the documentary “Avicii: True Stories,” airing on Netflix.  The 2017 documentary by Levan Tsikurishvili tells the story of […]


Brian Wilson Delivers a Gift with ‘Christmas Album Live’ at Cerritos Center for Performing Arts

By DAN MACINTOSH The first few songs into Brian Wilson’s The Christmas Album Live concert were awkward and – truth be told – just a bit creepy. Wilson, who required help walking to, and sitting […]

Sparks can dance - Photo by A Rood

Review: Sparks Captivates Audience at The Palace with Palette of Songs from Catalog

By DAN MACINTOSH Sparks ended its Hippopotamus Tour with a rousing performance at the Palace Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Backed by a strong and enthusiastic five-piece band, brothers Russell (vocals) and Ron Mael (keyboards) […]

Alejandra Robles and Janelle Obert are Cocovera - Courtesy photo

Review: CocoVera Debut LP ‘Rosary Pea’ a Compelling, New Avant-Garde Sound

By DONNA BALANCIA In time for Halloween, CocoVera has released the debut album, Rosary Pea. It’s an avant-garde work with unconventional melodic passages and vocals that hurdle uneven but oddly appealing musical terrain. This is […]


Crooked Flower Dreams Up a Unique Ska-Rock Collection with ‘Into The Light’

By JOHN DALY Psychedelic rockers from Northern California, Crooked Flower, have produced a dreamy ska-rock collection with their latest album, Into The Light. It’s a wide-ranging musical landscape that Crooked Flower is securely planted in. […]