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David Lynch Set for Talk at Second Annual Festival of Disruption at Theatre at the Ace Hotel Oct. 14-15

Lynch Joins The Kills, Moby, Shepard Fairey


David Lynch will appear for an in-depth talk at the second annual Festival of Disruption at the Theatre at the Ace Hotel.

The Lynch talk will be moderated by his authorized biographer Kristine McKenna. Actress Rebekah Del Rio from Twin Peaks, and comedian and actor Bill Hader have also been added to the event.

Comedians, Musicians, Artists

Hader, with David Lynch Foundation executive director Bob Roth for a conversation about comedy, creativity, and meditation. The weekend benefits the David Lynch Foundation’s work with at-risk adults and youth.

Select Director’s Circle and Donor level tickets are still available for purchase via the festival website and AXS ticketing.

The Festival of Disruption’s lineup includes performances by Bon Iver (as a rare Justin Vernon solo set),TV On The Radio, The Kills, Sharon van Etten, Laura Marling, Reggie Watts, Moby, Shepard Fairey and more.

The Kills will perform at Festival of Disruption – Photo courtesy of The Kills

There are also talks with Ed Ruscha, Bill Pullman, Sheryl Lee, Pete Holmes and Twin Peaks Collaborators Duwayne Dunham, Dean Hurley, Johanna Ray and Gary D’Amico; art exhibits by William Eggleston and David Lynch;not-to-be-missed film screenings; and meditation sessions.

Net proceeds from the festival will benefit the David Lynch Foundation’s initiatives with urban youth, veterans with PTSD, women who are survivors of violence and abuse, adults and children living with HIV, and more.

Last year, Robert Plant, Deborah Harry and St. Vincent were on hand at the Festival of Disruption. For more information go to the Festival of Disruption website.

UK Music Producer Kevin Armstrong Talks Playing FYF Fest and Lucky ‘Second Chance’ With Iggy Pop

An FYF Edition of The California Rocker Q and A


Kevin Armstrong has played with some of the most creative and and famous frontmen in music. He worked with not only David Bowie, but he has performed and led the bands for Thomas Dolby, Sinead O’Connor, and now he has reunited with Iggy Pop, with whom he worked during the Blah Blah Blah years in the mid-1980s.  Three years in, and with an FYF Fest performance tonight, Kevin sat down with editor Donna Balancia to answer the important questions about music.

CR: Kevin, how did you reconnect with Iggy Pop and get back with the band?

KA: It started with a guy named Tom Wilcox, who used to run a gallery in London, he got involved in ICA, a music and arts place. He indulges his fantasies with events, and he gets private and public arts money to put them on. He phoned me and said, ‘It’s the 25th anniversary of Blah Blah Blah would you like to do a semi tribute thing?’  I said yeah I would. I did it, Iggy was watching on the Internet.

KA: I actually contacted Henry McGroggan, Iggy’s manager, and said ‘I’m doing a Blah Blah Blah tribute, would Iggy give his blessing. Henry said yes and “We’ll keep an eye on it.” I said as an aside, “And if you ever need another guitarist, I’m available, ha ha,” and ended the phone call. A year later I get a call from Henry out of the blue, he said “Ron and Scott have passed, The Stooges is over, but there are these shows in England with Foo Fighters at Wembley.” Of course that was an amazing call to get after 30 years. Here we are three years later, he’s digging the band, we’re digging him, it’s going well.

Kevin Armstrong says his parents encouraged his career - Photo by Paul McAlpine

Kevin Armstrong says his parents encouraged his career – Photo by Paul McAlpine

CR: What does working with Iggy again mean to you?

KA: I’ve done a lot of work with high level players like, David Bowie, Thomas Dolby, and it’s been a rare thing for me to revisit this work at this level. I knew I had unfinished business, but I never imagined it would be Iggy and this kind of thing. It’s a second chance to put together all the things you kick yourself for the first time around.

KA: I’ve kicked myself over things like on a basic level, guitar sound, since I didn’t know what I was doing back then. Now I know a lot more about that. Also your general attitude is different. I look at my younger self and think my behavior could have been better. When you’re older you don’t need to prove yourself any more. I’m glad I got a second chance to do this and heal some of the things I felt bad about. Working with Iggy Pop again is like having lightning strike twice and it’s a good feeling. It rarely happens.

CR: How did you react to the news of David Bowie’s death?

KA: David Bowie’s death was a shock. There were rumors. I’m friends with Brian Eno in London and we had discussed it on occasion, you know like ‘Have you seen David?’  There were rumors but I don’t think anyone really knew. It’s the loss of someone completely unique. The minute it was announced my phone started ringing and didn’t stop for two days.  They’d say “Do you want to talk about it?” and I said, “No.” Then as the day wore on it became clear how much he prepared himself through his work. I couldn’t imagine anyone doing it this way. Bowing out this way with an album at the top of the charts and leaving clues. I started to feel I would talk about it, about what an amazing guy he was.

Kevin Armstrong says he's lucky to have another chance to work with Iggy Pop - Photo by Paul McAlpine

Kevin Armstrong says he’s lucky to have another chance to work with Iggy Pop, they’re pictured here at The Ritz – Photo by Paul McAlpine

CR: What was your family like growing up?

KA: On my mother’s side, my grandfather was a drummer, my mother was an accomplished classical pianist. I think she could have had a career as a pianist. But my mom’s a weird person, I’d phone her up and tell her I’m playing with Iggy Pop and opening for a band called Metallica playing before 180,000 people this week in Mexico and she’d say “That’s nice, dear,” then I’d hear from my sister who’d say, “Mum’s really proud of you.”

KA: I’d like to say I consider myself very lucky because I’ve always gotten to do what I love to do. I believe people should do what you want to do. My dad said when I was 16 when I wanted to flunk out of school and join a band, normally your parents would say ‘You’ve got nothing to fall back on,’ my dad said, “Do it, son.” I’m very lucky.

CR: What advice would you give to artists on the way up?

KA: I had this conversation with a friend and he said, ‘If you can find a thousand people interested in what you do, and service them and get them to spend a hundred dollars a year on you, that’s $100,000 a year.’  You can become a tiny industry yourself if you have the energy to do it.

KA: The Internet has driven the quality of music down. John Peel, the DJ in London would play things nobody else would play. He had a strict rule he would not talk over the music. But even he, in the age of endless, by the yard monkey soundtracks made by one bloke and a computer, even he would start to talk over the music in the end. I think it’s better now. I hear a lot of good new artists.

KA: The musicians used to earn from record royalties, now there’s nothing there.  It’s swung back towards live music. It’s kind of done a complete flip, you used to make records to promote live tour, now you give music away to sell tickets. Live skills are really important. That’s why guys like Iggy are still going, that’s where the living is to be made.

Kevin with David Bowie - Photo by Paul McAlpine

Kevin with David Bowie – Photo by Paul McAlpine

CR: What are you working on?

KA: I’m doing lots of things. After this Iggy thing three of us in this band are doing a tour with Mike Garson, David Bowie’s  piano player, then immediately we’re doing a thing with Thomas Dolby. Then I’m the musical director of Gutterdammerung, the movie.

CR: Who is one of the most innovative musicians you’ve worked with?

KA: Thomas Dolby. One of the most innovative, he’s a professor at Johns Hopkins. He’s got a professorship and they gave him a budget to use a theater. He is one of the most innovative and clever musicians I’ve ever worked with and I’m about to work with him again.  I always learn something. I was talking to Earl Slick about being a sideman and the attitude is, the best thing you can do is anything you go into, you can learn something from it. Whether it is to unlearn something you know or learn something. With Thomas I always learn something.

Paul McAlpine photo of Iggy Pop and Kevin Armstrong

Paul McAlpine photo of Iggy Pop and Kevin Armstrong

CR: How does a bandleader and side man work with a dynamic frontman?

KA: You start with examining the work they’ve done. You ask, what makes it good? For instance doing Iggy this time around I figured early on, that what people want to see in my opinion when they buy a ticket, is they want to see the music done right. It’s not Karaoke. Do we want to try recapture the music, and examine what’s good about the record and bring it into the live performance, get girls dancing, get everyone enjoying it. I felt it was up to me to say that to him.  Slow the tempos, make it good, don’t run away with it and respect the original work. For him that’s a big spectrum because he’s an artist who quite uniquely straddles America and Europe. The Stooges are American, yet The Idiot and Lust For Life were part European albums. It’s quite a range of material.

KA: It’s about communication. This time it’s working well. We’re doing quite a lot of Stooges, we’re doing the later stuff and there’s the great record with Josh Homme, Post Pop Depression. We play “Gardenia,” “Break Into Your Heart” and “Sunday.”

CR: What is on the horizon?

KA:  I have a studio at home, but increasingly in the most recent years, I’m less inclined to sit at a computer. I have my projects and I will continue to play live. While I’m still kicking and breathing, I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.

Check out the Kevin Armstrong website.

Video courtesy of J.T. Jasinski

Lady Gaga Pops Her Coachella Cherry with Dynamic Show, Drops New Single ‘The Cure’


Lady Gaga blew away the estimated 100,000 fans during her theatrical and long overdue appearance at Coachella Saturday night.  And she dropped a new single just for the occasion, called “The Cure.”

Gaga on the big screen – courtesy of Coachella

Resplendent in her Coachella virginity, Gaga’s new name should be The Chameleon as she opened the show in a Marlene Dietrich looking black-leather outfit complete with retro leather motorcycle cap, and channeled Madonna, The Beatles and Elton John during her 90-minute performance.

Lady Gaga’s new song, ‘The Cure’ is available on iTunes – Photo courtesy of Coachella

She ran down a setlist for the ages, including crowd favorites, like opener Scheisse, John Wayne, Just Dance, Alejandro, Mirror on the Ceiling, Edge of Glory and Pokerface.

Gaga gave props to Beyonce — whom she replaced as the Saturday night headliner when Bey withdrew on doctor’s pregnancy-related orders — by performing “Telephone,” complete with Queen Bey’s voice recording.

Gaga’s setlist included favorites like ‘Pokerface’ and ‘Bad Romance’ – Photo courtesy of Coachella

Before performing Born This Way, Gaga said “I remember when I put this record out it caused trouble. I love to cause trouble.”

Her new song, “The Cure,” has a great quality to it, and Gaga dropped the bomb at the end of the show that the song is available on iTunes

Lady Gaga – The Cure  

Gaga doesn’t stop, as all night long she ran the stage and glided through several costume changes that ranged from leather Berlin to multicolor go-go pants to glittery black Malibu-like bikini and mesh.

She wrapped the show with “Bad Romance” and told the loving audience that she and most of the dancers on the stage have been together 10 years but never played Coachella because they were always too busy touring. She made up for it Saturday night. On to next weekend.

Watch Coachella 2017 Live Via Webcast On Three Channels All Weekend Presented by Goldenvoice


Can’t go to Coachella? Never fear, there are three live channels from which to watch live performances all weekend long.

Check out Coachella Live on three channels here:


Wire, One of Rock’s Founding Punk Bands, to Play Echoplex This Weekend During Drill Fest


Wire will hold its Drill Fest at The Echo and Echoplex tomorrow through Saturday, and the legendary band will celebrate the release of their new album Silver/Lead.

Wire is one of punk’s founding members, and has been the influence of many of today’s bands. Wire members are Colin Newman, Graham Lewis, Robert Gotobed, Margaret Fiedler McGinnis and Matthew Simms.

Performers set to take the stage at The Echo are Bob Mould, Mikal Cronin + string and horn ensemble, Julia Holter, Mild High Club, Wand, Laetitia Sadier, Fitted, Part Time Punks, Howardamb, Once and Future Band, Chasms, Alina Bea, Noveller, Slows, The Pinkflag Guitar Orchestra.

Check out the WIRE Facebook page.

For Passes and DRILL Tickets go here.

Get tickets to Drill here.

Tickets for This Summer’s Bi-Coastal Classic East and Classic West Music Festivals Go On Sale April 7


The Classic East and Classic West music festivals finally have a presence on the world wide web and tickets for the July concerts go on sale April 7.

The hotly anticipated classic music festivals feature Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Journey and Earth Wind and Fire.  On the East Coast, the event will be held at Citi Field in NYC on July 29-30, and on the West Coast the event will be held at Dodger Stadium on July 15-16. and will be on hand.

Among the companies involved are Live Nation, Azoff MSG Entertainment, CAA and Oak View Group.
Classic East and Classic West will be the first concert performance by the Eagles since the death of band founder Glenn Frey in January of last year.

Classic rock has been recognized as driving force in live music, and gained widespread attention since the success of Desert Trip last October. The Goldenvoice-AEG blockbuster concert held in Indio featured Paul McCartney, The Who, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters and Neil Young and drew the 40s-plus demographic.

Nicknamed “Oldchella,” the concert pulled in an estimated  $160 million in revenue.

Outside Lands Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Advance 3-Day Passes on Thursday at 10 A.M.

Outside Lands will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year by giving fans a jumpstart with “Eager Beaver” 3-day passes that go on sale tomorrow at 10 A.M. PST.

Outside Lands, one of the best festivals in the state, takes place Aug. 11-13 in Golden Gate Park. The lineup has not yet been announced.

For more information go to the Outside Lands website.

For passes and ticket information see the Tickets page.

VIDEO: Gorillaz Debut Four Tracks from The New Album, ‘Humanz’ Which is Set to Drop on April 28


Check out the new video from Gorillaz as the dynamic band confirms it will drop the new album Humanz on April 28.

RELATED: Gorillaz to reissue Demon Dayz

Gorillaz have been busy.  In addition to announcing the re-issue of Demon Dayz through Vinyl Me, Please, the group has reconvened with new featured artists and collaborators.

BBC Radio 1 debuted “Saturnz Barz” featuring Popcaan as well as “Andromeda” with D.R.A.M., Beats 1 Radio bowed “Ascension” featuring Vince Staples and Radio X premiered “We’ve Got the Power” with Oasis’ Noel Gallagher and Savages’ Jehnny Beth.

Humanz will be released by Warner Bros. Produced by Gorillaz, The Twilight Tone of D /\ P and Remi Kabaka and recorded in London, Paris, New York, Chicago and Jamaica, Humanz comes seven years on from the release of albums The Fall and Plastic Beach. Murdoc Niccals (bass), Noodle (guitar), Russel Hobbs (drums) and 2D (vocals) are joined by a stellar line up of featured artists which includes Jehnny Beth of Savages, Danny Brown, Benjamin Clementine, De La Soul, D.R.A.M., Peven Everett, Anthony Hamilton, Grace Jones, Zebra Katz, Kelela, Mavis Staples, Vince Staples, Popcaan, Pusha T, Jamie Principle and Kali Uchis among others.

The full track listing for Humanz is:

1. Ascension feat. Vince Staples
2. Strobelite feat. Peven Everett
3. Saturnz Barz feat. Popcaan
4. Momentz feat. De La Soul
5. Submission feat. Danny Brown & Kelela
6. Charger feat. Grace Jones
7. Andromeda feat. D.R.A.M.
8. Busted and Blue
9. Carnival feat. Anthony Hamilton
10. Let Me Out feat. Mavis Staples & Pusha T
11. Sex Murder Party feat. Jamie Principle & Zebra Katz
12. She’s My Collar feat. Kali Uchis
13. Hallelujah Money feat. Benjamin Clementine
14. We Got The Power feat. Jehnny Beth

Bonus material on Deluxe:

15. The Apprentice feat. Rag’n’ Bone Man, Zebra Katz & RAY BLK
16. Halfway To The Halfway House feat. Peven Everett
17. Out Of Body feat. Kilo Kish, Zebra Katz & Imani Vonshà
18. Ticker Tape feat. Carly Simon & Kali Uchis
19. Circle Of Friendz feat. Brandon Markell Holmes

The band hit UK radio to play the new songs off Humanz, a 19-song double album that features the likes of Grace Jones and other top guest contributors.





The Super Deluxe Vinyl Box Set of the new Gorillaz album Humanz is presented across 14 individual pieces of different coloured 12” vinyl), packaged in individually art-worked sleeves. Each piece of vinyl features an album track, backed with an exclusive alternative version.

The box  also includes a 54-page, cloth-bound, foil-blocked, hardback book featuring exclusive Gorillaz artwork by Jamie Hewlett plus a download card, all housed in a bespoke 12-inch vinyl case.

This format is expected to ship in late-summer, with a download code to be sent on album release on Friday April 28th.

On Friday, there will be a show for UK fans at an undisclosed location.

Weezer, Lord Huron Top Chris Hardwick’s ID10T Comedy Music Fest in Mountain View June 24-25


ID10T Music Festival and Comic Conival will take over the Shoreline Amphitheatre and surrounding grounds in Mountain View, Saturday, June 24 through Sunday, June 25.

Created and hosted by comedian Chris Hardwick, ID10T (pronounced I-D-ten-T) will combine musicians, and comedians in one place for a fun, Northern California weekend experience.

Shoreline Amphitheatre Main Stage will feature Weezer, Girl Talk, Lord Huron, Crystal Castles, TV On The Radio, OK Go, Animal Collective, Car Seat Headrest, The Mowgli’s, Robert DeLong, Mothers, Ron Gallo, Tank And The Bangas, and more to be announced.

The Mad Decent Dance/Cosplay Tent will feature some of today’s premier DJs and electronic music acts with performances by Madeon, Zeds Dead, Jai Wolf, TroyBoi, Gryffin, Party Favor, Ape Drums, 4B, Wax Motif, and more to be announced. The tent will also host nightly Cosplay contests.

The Monster Energy Comedy Tent will feature sets by some of today’s most entertaining comedians in an intimate, club-like setting. Hosted by April Richardson, performers will include Demetri Martin, Michael Che, Nikki Glaser, Garfunkel and Oates, Michael Ian Black, Brian Posehn, Greg Proops, Brent Weinbach, Hampton Yount, Matt Braunger, Dan Mintz, Marcella Arguello, Jonah Ray, Mike Phirman, Yassir Lester, and more to be announced.

For more information go to 

Gorillaz To Reissue 2005 Album ‘Demon Dayz’ Through Vinyl Me Please as Record of the Month


Gorillaz will reissue their second album, Demon Dayz, on vinyl through Vinyl Me, Please. The band also revealed four tracks from its upcoming Humanz, which is rumored to drop during the Demon Dayz festival this summer in the U.K.


The trendy clear red double-vinyl reissue has been selected April Record of the Month and is available via subscription.

The two-record album is accompanied by a sticker collection and an art print by Ariel Roman.

The virtual band has made a comeback of sorts over the last year. Gorillaz will put on their first show since 2010 at their very own festival of the same name as their new reissue, Demon Dayz, which will be held this June in the U.K.

Customers can sign up by April 15 to qualify for the Demon Days reissue.

Gorillaz are expected to release a new album at some point this year. They dropped the new song, “Hallelujah Money,” featuring Benjamin Clementine, two months ago.


New Goldenvoice Festival: Arroyo Seco Weekend in Pasadena This Summer to Feature Tom Petty, Weezer


Goldenvoice has created another music festival to add to its impressive mass music events portfolio.

Arroyo Seco Weekend, to be held on June 24-25 will feature Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Mumford and  Sons, Alabama Shakes, The Shins, Weezer, and more.  There are even a few performers we don’t get to see too often, including Elton John’s lyricist Bernie Taupin with his Bernie Taupin Orchestra, and even actor Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra.

There will be curated menus, food, and wine from LA’s well-known chefs and restaurants, including chefs Walter Matzke, Jason Neroni, and Ray Garcia. The event takes place June 24 and 25, 2017 at Brookside at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Passes go on sale Monday, March 20 at 11 AM PDT


Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Alabama Shakes
The Meters
Broken Social Scene
Charles Bradley & The Extraordinaires
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra
Roy Ayers
William Bell
John Mayall
The Bennie Maupin Ensemble


Mumford and Sons
The Shins
Fitz and the Tantrums
Andrew Bird
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real
The Revivalists
Andy Grammar
ZZ Ward
Jamtown (ft.. G. Love, Donavon Frankenreiter & Cisco Adler)
Alice Smith
The Mowgli’s
David Lindley
Con Brio
NK Band


Weekend and single day GA and VIP passes go on sale Monday, March 20th at 11 AM PDT American Express Card Members can purchase passes before the general public beginning Friday, March 17 at 10 AM PDT through Sunday, March 19 at 10 PM PDT.

Arroyo Seco Weekend will also be a food lover’s haven, featuring the most sought-after dishes and award-winning restaurants the Los Angeles and Pasadena communities have to offer. The selection offers a wide range of cuisine, from classic Italian dishes, authentic Mexican, to Korean BBQ and gluten-free and vegan options celebrating Los Angeles’ melting pot of a food scene. With an extensive lineup of craft beers by Beer Belly and an incredible raw and natural wine list.


Bruce Kalman | Union
Dakota Weiss | Sweetfin Poke
Ilan Hall | Ramen Hood
Jason Neroni | Rose Cafe
Neal Fraser | Red Bird
Marcel Vigneron | Wolf
Phillip Frankland Lee | Frankland Crab & Co
Ray Garcia | Broken Spanish
Rory Herrmann | Barrel & Ashes
Steve Samson | Sotto
Walter Matzke | République


Beer Belly
Dog Haus
Fat Dragon
Fritzi Coop
Genghis Cohen
Kettle Black
Petty Cash
Sumo Dog

Pass Prices

Single day GA: $125 + fees
Weekend GA: $225 + fees
Single day VIP: $225 + fees
Weekend VIP: $399 + fees
Weekend Preferred parking: $50

Arroyo Seco Weekend is truly Pasadena taking its name from The Arroyo Seco stream, meaning “dry stream” in Spanish, that passes through Brookside Golf Course and Pasadena from the San Gabriel Mountains.

Goldenvoice, creators of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and Stagecoach: California’s Country Music Festival, also operates successful Los Angeles music venues including the Fonda Theatre, El Rey Theatre, and Shrine Auditorium. Beginning as an independent punk rock promoter in the early 1980s, Goldenvoice grew to be the preeminent alternative promoter in Southern California by forging strong relationships with both bands and music fans. Goldenvoice promotes over 1400 concerts a year in California, Nevada, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii and Canada.

Lady Gaga to Headline Coachella in Place of Beyonce, Promoter Says Festival Site Hacked


Lady Gaga will replace Beyonce for both weekends at Coachella but the good news comes amidst reports that the Coachella website was hacked.

Lady Gaga stepping into Beyonce's sandals for Coachella - Photo by Eva Rinaldi

Lady Gaga stepping into Beyonce’s sandals for Coachella – Photo by Eva Rinaldi

Some 950,000 accounts related to the concert were cracked with email addresses, passwords and other information stolen, it was reported by

Supposedly no financial  information was taken, but Coachella has not confirmed any hacking reports.

Meanwhile Lady Gaga has stepped in as Coachella headliner, replacing the pregnant Beyonce, who pulled out last week on doctor’s orders.

In headlining on April 15 and 22 at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, Gaga joins a knockout lineup including Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead, Bon Iver and Lorde. Gaga will squeeze the two-weekend headline appearance into her 2017 tour schedule.

Gaga’s Joanne World Tour includes three nights at the Forum (Aug. 8, Aug. 9 and Dec. 18), two nights in Las Vegas (Aug. 11, Dec. 16) and one night in Sacramento (Aug. 15)

Lady Gaga has several California dates on 2017 tour - Photo by Kim Kagami

Lady Gaga has several California dates on 2017 tour – Photo by Kim Kagami

Gaga is coming fresh off her Super Bowl halftime show and a fabulous performance with Metallica at the GRAMMYs.  She’s a GRAMMY winner, a Golden Globe winner, and she was nominated for an Academy Award.  She’s sold 30 million albums and achieved 150 million single sales.

On social media she has more than 61 million likes on Facebook, more than 65 million followers on Twitter and more than 21 million followers on Instagram.

Gaga’s latest album, Joanne, was recently released and it went straight to the top of the charts.

She’s set to star opposite Bradley Cooper in a remake of “A Star is Born,” expected to be released in 2018.

Broke LA Music and Arts Festival Ramping Up With New Partners to Showcase Diverse Musical Acts

Broke LA Changes Date to April 8, Locale to Worth Street


Broke LA Music and Arts Festival, the Los Angeles event that is held as an alternative to Coachella, has announced James Supercave, Raener and Kolaj will be among its artist lineup. This year, the festival will be held on April 8 at 4560 Worth Street.

The date move shifts the festival away from overlapping with Coachella weekend for the first time ever, kicking off festival season in Los Angeles.

“It is important for us, first and foremost, that our event serve our artists in their professional development,” said Executive Director Negin Singh. “We are proud of our unbelievable talent and want to ensure that those in the music industry as well as our audience can freely engage in discovery at our festival without having to sacrifice celebrating what’s big in the mainstream festival circuit.”

The one-day event celebrating the immense talent and diversity of LA’s art scene, will feature more than 50 musical acts across four stages, LA’s up-and-coming comedians, festival-encompassing art installations, one-of-a-kind street food, drinks, photo booths, activism hubs, boutique vendors, merchandise and more to come for a reasonable price.


Jungle Gym Curated by: cARTel

James Supercave
La Bouquet
Kid Wave
Ugly Sweaters
Fellow Bohemian
Candy Cigarettes

Swings Curated by: Brownies & Lemonade

sober rob
John Givez
Malcolm Anthony
Harris Cole
Marko Penn
Yung Skrrt

Bounce House Curated by: Shifty Rhythms

Fan Fiction
Neo Fresco
DJ Clickbait

Ball Pit Curated by: cARTel

Dream Machines
Tickle Torture
Velvet (Formerly known as Emily Gold)
Emerson Star
Send Medicine

Sandbox Curated by: Omid Singh, Chelsea Quinn, Robbie Kirkhuff

Kyle Kinane
Marcella Arguello
David Gborie
Atsuko Okatsuka
Harrison Greenbaum
Valerie Tosi
Zach Noe Towers
Mateen Stewart
Paige Weldon
Johan Miranda
Ramy Youssef
Anna Valenzuela
Connor McSpadden
Ed Greer
Nat Baimel
Simon Gibson
Rachel Mac
Allison Mick
Papp Johnson
Ashley Hamilton
Alex Hanna
Christine Medrano
Nick Petrillo
Brendan Cooney
Jessica Sele
Dan Nolan
Heather Marulli
Katrina Davis
Mike Schmidt
*Omid Singh
*Robbie Kirkhuff

The Kills Drop ‘Whirling Eye’ Video, Headline Santa Barbara Starry Nites Fest Mar 18, Catalyst Mar 21


The Kills have released a new video for “Whirling Eye” and will play several California dates including the Starry Nites Festival in Santa Barbara March 18-19.

Check out the new 360-degree video here:


Allison and Jamie will play Pappy and Harriet’s on March 17; the Starry Nites Festival March 18; House of Blues in Anaheim on March 20; The Catalyst on March 21; and The Fox Theatre on March 22.

The Kills celebrated the 15-year anniversary of their first-ever live show yesterday, with a performance for fans at Electric Lady Studios in New York. The show was recorded as part of the “Live At Electric Lady Studios” series. Patti Smith’s “Horses: Live At Electric Lady Studios” was the first release.

The Kills latest album is Ash and Ice and it is available here.

Check out prices and buy tickets to Starry Nites Festival on March 18-19 here.

Get tickets for The Kills at The Catalyst here.

And Now for Something Completely Different: Mike Patton Debuts Tetema at Tasmania MoFo Festival


Check out Mike Patton’s latest venture: Tetema, which debuted some new sounds for the fair folks at Tasmania’s Mona Foma fest:


Patton wears many different hats and is known for being the terrific vocalist and front man with Faith No More.  Composer Anthony Pateras joins Patton in the band. Patton recently announced he’ll be working with Dave Lombardo on their anticipated project Dead Cross.

Read about Dead Cross at


Special thanks to Seana Connor and Rodrigo Roros for the video uploads.

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