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Baby Boomers Are Chasing the Music as Hotels and Tourism Destinations Pick Up on the Economic Beat


When rock and roll music came on the scene in the 1960s, a generation of young people fell in love with the new sound. Fifty years later, they have not let go.

Baby boomers are digging into their pockets to see their favorite bands—wherever they may be.

Boomers—those born in the years 1946 to 1964—want relaxation coupled with shared experiences. They are spending money on learning Thai cooking, hitting the world’s beaches, music concerts and festivals.

They’re traveling more than ever. Research shows that most boomers have taken at least one vacation in 2017 but may take up to five throughout the year, according to AARP. Those are happening in the summer and are booked with the purpose of connecting with friends and family.

Music is a big motivator to get boomers—many of whom are now in the retirement age demographic—on the plane, and they are almost always attending in pairs.

Friendship and Memories

In addition to camaraderie, capturing the memories of youth is a big factor for the middle-aged trippers. After all, it’s the boomers who put concert-going on the map. So, what’s the reason for the surge in music travel for boomers?

They finally have the time and money now that the nest is empty.

Desert Trip in Indio, California was held in October and brought out boomers from around the United States, mainly because of its tremendous lineup of Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. Tickets were hefty, with the most inexpensive starting around $300.

The festival was billed as “Oldchella,” as it’s promoted by the same company that produces Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival each year in the same location.

Coachella tends to skew young, but Desert Trip hit the right note as it put boomer travel in the spotlight, enlightening the industry to the spending power the post-40 demographic possesses.

Desert Trip was followed up by The Classic East and The Classic West festivals—which featured Fleetwood Mac; Earth, Wind and Fire; The Eagles; and The Doobie Brothers—drawing big numbers of the over-40 crowd in both the New York and Los Angeles locations. Many of those attending traveled from more than one hour away, and hotels saw a good gain despite the events being held in the middle of the competitive summer season.

Fear Factor

In addition to relaxation and communing with friends, there are other reasons the post-40 crowd wants to hit the road: They don’t want the sedentary life of their parents.

“It’s a matter of fear,” says John Espinosa of Santa Monica.

Espinosa and his wife, Grace, travel around the U.S. if the concert is right.

“I love going to shows, and I will travel to see a festival,” he said. “I love The Who, The Stones and a lot of other bands. But one thing is I think sometimes I keep moving because I don’t want to be like my parents, who stayed home all the time. I think their health suffered for it.”

The success of these concert events has set the travel industry in motion as plenty of new music festivals catering to the retirement crowd are being planned daily.

Festival Packages

Hotel and festival ticket packages are sold for a variety of events throughout the country, with many featuring artists of genres other than rock music.

Essence Music Festival is held each year in New Orleans as a jazz-based event in one of America’s jazziest cities. Country Music is represented heavily on the festival circuit as well: Country Music Awards each year draws thousands of boomer-aged fans to Nashville

Music festivals also bring ancillary spending. Hotels see a sharp gain when music events are held over the course of two days or more. Destinations are able to reap the rewards when a fest stretches longer than two days as many boomer couples and groups of friends get the time to take a side-trip, sightsee or have a meal outside of the arena or festival grounds.

Lady Gaga Pops Her Coachella Cherry with Dynamic Show, Drops New Single ‘The Cure’


Lady Gaga blew away the estimated 100,000 fans during her theatrical and long overdue appearance at Coachella Saturday night.  And she dropped a new single just for the occasion, called “The Cure.”

Gaga on the big screen – courtesy of Coachella

Resplendent in her Coachella virginity, Gaga’s new name should be The Chameleon as she opened the show in a Marlene Dietrich looking black-leather outfit complete with retro leather motorcycle cap, and channeled Madonna, The Beatles and Elton John during her 90-minute performance.

Lady Gaga’s new song, ‘The Cure’ is available on iTunes – Photo courtesy of Coachella

She ran down a setlist for the ages, including crowd favorites, like opener Scheisse, John Wayne, Just Dance, Alejandro, Mirror on the Ceiling, Edge of Glory and Pokerface.

Gaga gave props to Beyonce — whom she replaced as the Saturday night headliner when Bey withdrew on doctor’s pregnancy-related orders — by performing “Telephone,” complete with Queen Bey’s voice recording.

Gaga’s setlist included favorites like ‘Pokerface’ and ‘Bad Romance’ – Photo courtesy of Coachella

Before performing Born This Way, Gaga said “I remember when I put this record out it caused trouble. I love to cause trouble.”

Her new song, “The Cure,” has a great quality to it, and Gaga dropped the bomb at the end of the show that the song is available on iTunes

Lady Gaga – The Cure  

Gaga doesn’t stop, as all night long she ran the stage and glided through several costume changes that ranged from leather Berlin to multicolor go-go pants to glittery black Malibu-like bikini and mesh.

She wrapped the show with “Bad Romance” and told the loving audience that she and most of the dancers on the stage have been together 10 years but never played Coachella because they were always too busy touring. She made up for it Saturday night. On to next weekend.

Watch Coachella 2017 Live Via Webcast On Three Channels All Weekend Presented by Goldenvoice


Can’t go to Coachella? Never fear, there are three live channels from which to watch live performances all weekend long.

Check out Coachella Live on three channels here:


Coachella Releases Set Times for Weekend One: Duelling Headliners Will Mess With Your Mind


Coachella Weekend One has released the set times and don’t expect Weekend 2 to be too much different. Here’s the skinny:



Future Islands Drops New Video: ‘Ran,’ the Latest Release from Upcoming Album, ‘The Far Field’


Check out Future Islands’ new video, “Ran” from their new album The Far Field, to be released on April 7.  The trio of college pals from who live in Baltimore have hit the right chord with the fans. They’ll be playing the Roxy on April 13; Coachella April 16; Glass House April 19; Pappy and Harriet’s (sold out) April 19 and they’ll be back at Coachella April 23. Check out their website.



Lady Gaga to Headline Coachella in Place of Beyonce, Promoter Says Festival Site Hacked


Lady Gaga will replace Beyonce for both weekends at Coachella but the good news comes amidst reports that the Coachella website was hacked.

Lady Gaga stepping into Beyonce's sandals for Coachella - Photo by Eva Rinaldi

Lady Gaga stepping into Beyonce’s sandals for Coachella – Photo by Eva Rinaldi

Some 950,000 accounts related to the concert were cracked with email addresses, passwords and other information stolen, it was reported by

Supposedly no financial  information was taken, but Coachella has not confirmed any hacking reports.

Meanwhile Lady Gaga has stepped in as Coachella headliner, replacing the pregnant Beyonce, who pulled out last week on doctor’s orders.

In headlining on April 15 and 22 at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, Gaga joins a knockout lineup including Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead, Bon Iver and Lorde. Gaga will squeeze the two-weekend headline appearance into her 2017 tour schedule.

Gaga’s Joanne World Tour includes three nights at the Forum (Aug. 8, Aug. 9 and Dec. 18), two nights in Las Vegas (Aug. 11, Dec. 16) and one night in Sacramento (Aug. 15)

Lady Gaga has several California dates on 2017 tour - Photo by Kim Kagami

Lady Gaga has several California dates on 2017 tour – Photo by Kim Kagami

Gaga is coming fresh off her Super Bowl halftime show and a fabulous performance with Metallica at the GRAMMYs.  She’s a GRAMMY winner, a Golden Globe winner, and she was nominated for an Academy Award.  She’s sold 30 million albums and achieved 150 million single sales.

On social media she has more than 61 million likes on Facebook, more than 65 million followers on Twitter and more than 21 million followers on Instagram.

Gaga’s latest album, Joanne, was recently released and it went straight to the top of the charts.

She’s set to star opposite Bradley Cooper in a remake of “A Star is Born,” expected to be released in 2018.

Desert Trip Dispatch: Our Ace Reviewer Bob Busby Gives A Thumbs Up Wrapup From ‘Oldchella’

Busby: ‘One of the Best Events I’ve Ever Attended’

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-12-25-35-amBy BOB BUSBY

Roger Waters kept his politics in check during weekend 2 of Desert Trip, but did basically tell the crowds that he would still support the Palestinian people and their causes.

Nobody yelled anything at him. There was no discomfort in the crowd. Some people left a little earlier; he finished at 12:35 a.m.

Bob Dylan opened and he was great, of course.

The people said he was better than last week. He was really good, he opened the first set and the show in fact with “Everybody Must Get Stoned,” he did “Tangled Up in Blue” and he did five or six songs that were popular. The band sounded great.

The Rolling Stones: Still Smokin’

Keef and Mick are still smokin' hot - Photo and video courtesy of Prestoff2000

Keef and Mick are still smokin’ hot – Photo and video courtesy of Prestoff2000

The Rolling Stones were The Rolling Stones, of course they were great. Mick made a funny joke to the effect of “I know people are calling this ‘Oldchella’ but maybe they should call it ‘Who’s gonna croak first?’  He also said, “I can’t help call attention to the fact that we’ve never shared the stage with a Nobel Prize winner before,” referring to Dylan.

On Saturday night Neil Young opened with classic acoustic songs and the favorite, “Sugar Mountain.

By coincidence it was a full moon, which rose huge with great light to the side of the stage while he was playing, “Harvest Moon” and the cameras went to the moon and put it on the screens. It was a crystal clear moon, it was very emotional. It was literally magical. Other people were affected in the same way. It was the most magical thing. Neil was just really on.

Sir Paul With Neil Young at Desert Trip

Photo by Kevin Mazur

Photo by Kevin Mazur

Then Paul came on, and these guys are not retired, they do this all the time and it shows. Then he brought out Rihanna.  I didn’t know the song, “FourFiveSeconds” but she was really good. Then she left. Right after that he brought Neil out and they did “A Day in the Life,” and it was a fantastic version. Neil just rocked. Paul was like, “This is Neil fucking Young!” Neil went apeshit on the guitar and Paul looked at the audience like “I hope you realize what you’re watching.” And Neil was saying “This is Paul McCartney!” It was two icons.

Saturday was the best. The Who complained before they sang a note. Roger Daltrey said, “Can somebody please turn off the fan?” That’s because it was windy and like 90 degrees at 6 o’clock still.  Not only was the heat holding, the heat held all the way through the night, it cooled down and then at 10 o’clock it warmed up again.

The real star of the show was the venue.  And the screens and the speakers. The screens were at least 10 stories tall and 100 yards wide.  The screens were so big.  We just kept remarking on how incredible the video production was. It was so crystal clear. The real star of the whole thing is the venue for sure.

The Venue at Coachella

The Who - Photo courtesy of Desert Trip for

The Who – Photo courtesy of Desert Trip

You know you can put thousands of people into Giants stadium it’s tiered so it doesn’t look like this. Believe me, 85,000 people on a flat surface goes way the heck back. My friends were in the back. They had four giant screens in the back too. Four huge screens, and there were amazing speakers every 25 yards in every direction and Roger Waters made full use of those speakers with sound coming from all directions. You’d be hearing sounds like a taxi cab coming from a thousand yards to the left.

All in all, musically it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended.

Jack White Signs Off Coachella 2015 With Props For Punks as Festival Wraps

… And as we bid a fond farewell to Coachella 2015, the sun also set on Jack White’s last electric performance for what was expected to be “a long while,” White told his audience.

Weekend 2 of the 15-year-old festival in Indio was marked with some colorful performances, but White stole the show for several reasons.

Not only was it expected to be White’s last electric performance, but the Detroit-born success story put across an unexpected and special message to music fans: To respect up-and-coming musicians.

White will quit touring after he plays in the five U.S. states he hasn’t played before. The dates and actual locations are yet to be announced and the shows will be acoustic. The tickets are expected to cost only $3 and will go on sale the day of the show. For more information check his website.

Jack White's "final electric performance" Coachella 2015

Jack White’s “final electric performance” Coachella 2015 – Photo courtesy of Jack White

While White has played in many types of musical configurations, it will be his first entirely acoustic tour.  He will finish up the Lazzaretto tour with fellow musicians Fats Kaplin, Dominic Davis and Lillie Mae Rische.

But back at his Coachella show, White bade a fond farewell with a speech of note during his finale “Seven Nation Army.”

“Listen, this is the last electric show I’m gonna play for a long while, all right?” he shouted to the crowd.

“I want you to do me a favor,” he said. “Do everything you can to go tell the people you know, and the children that you have one day, that music is sacred.”

“Music is sacred,” he said. “They’ll say, ‘What?’ and you’ll say ‘Music is sacred.'”

After getting the crowd to echo his words, he continued:

“This is your world right now,” he said. “Digital, analog, however you consume music… Let it move your balls and move your brain.

“I want everybody in this audience to spread the word: Treat musicians with as much respect as you treat actors, directors and film studios,” he said. “Treat your local punk bands as well as you treat the new blockbuster movie. Do you hear me now?”

For more information on the Jack White’s tour go to his website.

Coachella 2015: New Wave Moves with St. Vincent; Run The Jewels Talk Punk

By DAVE DALY — Thanks to Grita Radio and 91X, those who were not at Coachella can see St. Vincent and Run The Jewels.

Here is a video and some pics from Weekend 1 of the festival in the desert. Stay tuned for Weekend 2, which goes off next Friday.

Temperatures were good, there were a bevy of stars and star wanna-be types on hand, and besides a Madonna kiss on Drake, some good music was heard.  There were some interesting works of art as well, thanks for capturing the Butterfly, Fred von Lohmann.

Run The Jewels gave a nice interview with 91X.  See it here.

Insurance Company Holds Contest for Free Coachella Tix

Coachella California Rocker

Photo courtesy of Coachella

By DAVE DALY — Meanwhile an insurance company  held a contest to get tickets to music festivals, and a winner was selected for Coachella. Concert-goers who may have been shut out of tickets to other festivals have a chance at getting tickets by getting an insurance quote.

If you go online and visit and obtain an insurance quote, you have a chance to win a  trip to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, the Stagecoach Country Music Festival, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the Rock on the Range Music Festival or the Firefly Music Festival, courtesy of the “Mercury Insurance Backstage Pass.”

The Mercury Insurance Backstage Pass sweepstakes runs now through May 31. 

One entrant will be chosen for each festival to win a VIP trip for two that includes:  Roundtrip airfare; deluxe hotel accommodations for three (3) nights; VIP festival tickets; transportation from hotel to the festival; a tour of the backstage production area.

The festival calendar:

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival – Indio, California

Festival Dates: April 10-12 and April 17-19

AXS TV Airdates: April 17-19

Stagecoach Country Music Festival – Indio, California

Festival & AXS TV Airdates: April 24-26

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival – New Orleans, Louisiana

Festival Dates: April 24-26 and April 30-May 3

AXS TV Airdates: May 1-3

Rock on the Range Music Festival – Columbus, Ohio

Festival Dates & AXS TV Airdates: May 15-17

Firefly Music Festival – Dover, Delaware

Festival Dates: June 18-21

AXS TV Airdates: June 19-21

Mercury’s partnership with AXS TV is part of the company’s first-ever national advertising campaign, which launched in January.

While sponsoring and working with events is big business for insurance companies, personal insurance is important for festival-goers.

Insurance companies advise concert and event-goers to take simple precautions to avoid worry over possible mishaps:

— Avoid bringing “blingy” items to shows

— Report any theft immediately

— If camping out, keep items with you in a sleeping bag

— If traveling overseas, purchase travel insurance prior to the trip.

Coachella 2014 Kicks into High Gear as Opening Weekend Wraps

INDIO  — Coachella Valley and Arts Festival was off to a rousing start as Cage The Elephant performed an all-acoustic version of its hit “Come A Little Closer” in the 94.9 House, and was part of an all-star lineup in the annual desert event.

Featured performers Friday include OutKast, The Replacements and Chromeo; Saturday it’s Queens of the Stone Age, Lorde and Pharrell Williams; and Sunday acts include Beck, Neutral Milk Hotel and Disclosure.



Sillerman Brings Rock in Rio to Vegas May 2015

SFX Founder Robert Silerman California Rocker

SFX Founder Robert Sillerman – Photo courtesy Mitsu Yasukawa, LA Times

Financial Reporters ‘Stunned’ by SFX Q4 Conference Call

-NEW YORK — Amid what pundits speculate may be the downhill side of the EDM festival era, SFX has invested in Rock in Rio, a well-known Brazilian music festival, which will come to Las Vegas in May of 2015.

Founded by Roberto Medina, Rock in Rio attracted 1.4 million fans the year it started in 1985.  Since then, there have been 13 Rock in Rio festivals, attracting performers like Rihanna, Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen.  This summer in Portugal, Lorde, Justin Timberlake and the Rolling Stones are scheduled to perform at the Rock in Rio show.

SFX Entertainment acquired a 50 percent stake in the company and brought the event to the U.S.  SFX was founded by Robert F.X. Sillerman, a renown producer of mostly EDM events and festivals.

But lately, Sillerman has come into the news for activities other than acquisitions.

A lawsuit was filed against him in federal court in Los Angeles by three DJs — Paolo Moreno who promotes Disco Donnie Estopinal, brother Gabriel Moreno, and another DJ manager Lawrence Vavra — claiming fraud and breach of contract against Sillerman and SFX Chairman Sheldon Finkel.

Ben Green of BD Capital blurts out a question about covering up deals

Transcript of SFXE Q4 conference call

A restatement was issued by SFX earlier this week after a botched Q4 conference call that drew the ire of at least one analyst who accused Sillerman of covering up deals.  The replay of the conference call, typically available for a period of time after the event, has been removed following torrents of press recounting the incident.

“I’ve never heard a quarterly earnings call like that ever before,” said a longtime financial reporter. “It was laced with profanity and it was very unprofessional and seemed like a borderline setup.  Maybe it was an early April Fool’s joke.”

Elsewhere, a few days ago, following a trampling incident that left a security guard in critical condition, Mayor Tomas Regalado said he wants to pull the plug for good on Miami’s Ultrafest, the annual EDM festival that brings thousands of attendees to the Bayfront.

It is the latest effort by Regalado to end the event which annually brings an estimated $40 million in direct spending to Miami and millions more in ancillary tourism dollars.  Attendance at the festival looks to be nowhere near falling off, and the figures mirror stability in the EDM festival marketplace.

“Traditional” music festivals, however, have been steadily growing over the last 20 years, as more and more bands prefer to perform at multiple-act festivals, as a more cost-effective means of promoting an album, rather than play a concert hall solo or with one or two warm-up acts.




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