What they tell us:

“I love that you support the musicians” – James “Munky” Shaffer, KORN

“Thanks for the great review!” – Debbie Hennessey, singer-songwriter

“You’ve done Bonnie Raitt and Marty Grebb proud!” – JW

“Thanks for the great coverage” – James Williamson, The Stooges

“Your photographs are beautiful” – Le Butcherettes

“Yes, OK, but please let me drink my coffee now” – Rod Stewart



 California Rocker Staff:

donna balancia with bob ezrin
Donna Balancia with Producer Bob Ezrin

Donna Balancia, Producer

California Rocker is produced by Donna Balancia, who is the founder of online sites California Rocker   East Coast Rocker and the new West Coast Rocker.

The 3-year-old California Rocker has come a long way in a short time in covering music in the Golden State.

Under Donna’s guidance CaliforniaRocker.com has won awards for writing and photography from The Los Angeles Press Club, The National Arts and Entertainment Awards, The Lucie Awards and The Southern California Journalism Awards.

Donna uses social media campaigns to drive organic growth and expand readership of CaliforniaRocker.com.  Her social media expertise has brought attention to the stories that center on musicians of all styles.  CaliforniaRocker.com covers up and coming musicians as well as veteran rockers and the industries that support them.

Donna Balancia is a content editor, producer, photographer and photo editor. She started as a breaking news reporter in New York City covering new bands and entertainment for Gannett Co. and wire service United Press International.

Donna was a content editor at VNU Business Publications, covered police beat for The New York Post and was a wire service journalist and sportswriter at United Press International and Associated Press.

Donna and her colleagues at CaliforniaRocker.com have been honored with regional Press Club awards, including Best Entertainment Blog and Best Photography.

Heather Harris, Contributing Photographer

Heather Harris’ award-winning photographs of musicians have been published in Rolling Stone, MOJO, Billboard, Los Angeles Times, Rock&Folk, Creem, Music Connection, Warner Brothers, Penguin Books, St. Martins Press and many more. Spanning Buffalo Springfield to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, her work includes many of the most important figures in rock that came through her native Los Angeles throughout the past four and a half decades.

Heather has photographed covers for New York Times top ten best-selling books, has enjoyed several solo exhibitions of her photographic work in Hollywood, Calif., has provided still photography for Warner Bros. television advertising and for assorted films and video productions plus has garnered awards for music books that were designed, photographed and written by her.  She authored the books Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll and Bob Marley-Rastaman Vibration for A&M Records in the mid-1970s, and her popular blog Fastfilm currently attests to her skill annotating these photo shoots in lively terms.  She is a  Los Angeles Press Club National Arts and Entertainment Award winner for her Photo Essay for James Williamson’s One Night Only Concert, which ran in CaliforniaRocker.com.

Craig Hammons California Rocker ReviewsCraig Hammons, Reviewer

Craig is a music historian whose passion is the live performance.

He has reviewed and attended approximately 2,622 shows during his career, during which he has worked for a range of news organizations and magazines.

Craig is particularly fond of punk and wild Rock N Roll.  If you see him out and about, say “Hello!”

Dan MacIntosh California Rocker

Dan MacIntosh

Dan MacIntosh has been a professional music journalist for 30 years and his work has regularly appeared in many local and national publications, including CCM, CMJ, Paste, Mean Street, Chord, HM, Christian Retailing, Amplifier, Inspirational Giftware, Stereo Subversion, Indie-Music, Soul–Audio, Country Standard Time and Spin.com.

Dan’s an expert in Christian and country music, but he’s also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to most every kind of rock. In addition to reviewing CDs, he regularly writes artist features and biographies.

Jonathan Velazquez

Jonathan Velazquez is a music and documentary photographer, with occasional work in videography. He received an education in photography and horticulture at Orange Coast College, and has been attending shows throughout the country for over a decade. He’s always driving around, between cities across California, and never sleeps. If you see him at a show, get him a coffee. He needs it.

John Daly, Contributor

John Daly is a music writer from Fresno, Calif., and he lives for the music.  John has a B.A. in Digital Communication and he has a passion for telling the story.

“I want to tell the story the way no one else can,” John says.  His taste in music runs the gamut and you can usually find him in the pit at the festival of the week.  All this and another plus: He is an avid Rocky and Bullwinkle fan.

Alina Lim, Contributor

Alina is a music fan who is energized by new music and innovative sounds.   She says she finds herself attending more and more shows in Downtown LA these days and loves how the area is developing into a city within a city.  Alina loves alternative bands and unique acts.

Malia Balancia, Art Director

Malia Balancia is an award-winning art director. She created the look of CaliforniaRocker.com, EastCoastRocker.com and WestCoastRocker.com and our logos.  Malia has a remarkable eye and adaptable art style and is an expert in Photoshop and all the visual graphic arts programs.  In addition to providing guidance to CaliforniaRocker.com on its visual style, she works with a number of musicians on album covers, posters and social media style.

Alyson Camus, Contributor

Alyson Camus attends more shows in one week than most people attend in a month!  She is a music expert and loves the local scene, attending shows at her favorite venues like the Echoplex, the Echo, the Satellite and others. She is a contributing photographer to CaliforniaRocker.com.

James Balboni, Photojournalist

James Balboni is a prominent photojournalist who covers a range of beats on the East Coast for EastCoastRocker.com and on the West Coast for California Rocker. In addition to rock and roll, James is a fan of technology and aviation.

Dottie Paris, Contributor

Dottie Paris covers technology and innovations in music.  An excellent reporter and veteran writer, Paris loves music, the beach and in-depth interviews.

“Making it in the music business is tough and I appreciate all musicians,” Dottie says. “I appreciate all musical efforts; I may not like everything I hear but all musicians receive my support.”

Bob Busby, Reviewer

Bob Busby is a veteran music reviewer and has attended thousands of concerts. He has an excellent eye for new talent and loves a good show. We are fortunate to have his talents at CaliforniaRocker.com


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