Gorillaz To Reissue 2005 Album ‘Demon Dayz’ Through Vinyl Me Please as Record of the Month

By DOTTIE PARIS Gorillaz will reissue their second album, Demon Dayz, on vinyl through Vinyl Me, Please. The band also revealed four tracks from its upcoming Humanz, which is rumored to drop during the Demon Dayz […]

Susan and Lina Never Mind The Rules in life - Photo courtesy Lina Lecaro for

‘Never Mind The Rules’ is a Perfect Guide to Dating By Cool Rocker Chicks Susan Hyatt and Lina Lecaro

By DONNA BALANCIA Susan Hyatt and Lina Lecaro have published a great book, Never Mind The Rules, that can help save your social life, especially if your world revolves around music or an alternative line of […]