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Review: John Kay and Steppenwolf; True Classic Rockers Still Put on a Fierce Show 60 Years Later

Musicians Can Take a Lesson From this Classic Rocker


John Kay and his band Steppenwolf take a step back in time during each performance.

The famous rocker whose band is known for superhits “Born To Be Wild,” and “Magic Carpet Ride,” among others still has what it takes all these years later — and he thanks the fans for a life well-lived.

Photo © 2017 Heather Harris

Photo © 2017 Heather Harris

“The fans have been great over the years,” he said. “They’re still with us, although a lot of them went off to Vietnam.”

Steppenwolf started in a garage on Fountain Ave. in LA and was a staple on the Sunset Strip.

Six decades later, Kay and Steppenwolf are in their sixth decade.  He’s Steppenwolf’s vocalist and primary song writer and he has survived personnel changes and good times as well as tough times in the world of music.

Photo © 2017 Heather Harris

Photo © 2017 Heather Harris

His passion is his Maue Kay Foundation’s Wild Life conservation and human rights projects.

John and Steppenwolf play about 10 to 12 shows a year. This is one of the true founders of rock music and the show is a must-see.

Opening at the Saban for Steppenwolf were The Hailers a band that rocks the house. Robert Mills and April Carson Hailer keep it real and deliver dynamic sounds.  This is the second time we’ve been lucky enough to see The Hailers and they seem to keep getting better every performance.

The Hailers’ catchy upbeat rock songs are great and the band will be coming out with an album soon.

Photo © 2017 Heather Harris

Photo © 2017 Heather Harris

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